The Tupac Code is a story of Marc's road through the music industry, his trials and tribulations and ultimate redemption.

His story is of big dreams, let downs and painful heartbreaks.  The story of doors of opportunity closed and windows shut.  Ultimately, this is a story of redemption.

Tupac's life is a different story, but Marc believes it shares something in common with his.  They were both called to teach a generation, they were both gifted with talents to inspire, and chosen by God to do his will.  Are you ready to step into this amazing story?

Marc will show you how he turned his:

  • pain into wisdom

  • passion into purpose

  • dreams into his destiny

Discover how Tupac's life inspired Marc's path, fed his spirit and gave him his purpose.  From reading The Tupac Code, Marc prays you find the inspiration to allow Tupac's life to lead you into your calling as well.

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